50 Free Summer Activities for Kids in Maryland

There are so many things to do for kids without spending any money in the summertime. However, unexpected expenses (gas and food) need to be covered when you plan a free activity for kids for the day.

1. Soleado Lavender Farm – Dickinson, MD

Pick your own bunch of flowers and are sold at $10 – Free to enter and walk around, so you can enjoy the view and lavender scent.

2. Explore your local Farmers’ Markets.

3. Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens -Baltimore, MD

Free admission and parking. No charge, but a $5 per person donation is encouraged.


4. Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad – Church Creek, MD

Free admission

Sun rising above one of four pitched rooftops of the visitor center


5. The Friends of Concord Point Lighthouse – Havre de Grace, MD

Free admission



6. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – Greenbelt, MD

Free admission.


7. Washington County Museum of Fine Arts – Hagerstown, MD

Free admission.

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts


8. Go to a local library and grab some books to read or DVDs to watch.

9. Go on a picnic at a state park.

10. Spruce Forest Artisan Village – Grantsville, MD

Free admission. Tour their small, historic village and enjoy the mountain scenery. Artists reside in their own studios in the village.

Spruce Forest


11. Tour a local Deaf-owned business. This would be a wonderful experience for kids to have.

12. Visit a beach.

13. Play with bubbles. Kids love it so much in the summertime!

14. Schifferstadt Architectural Museum – Frederick, MD

Free admission. $5 donation is suggested. Early colonial German buildings.

front of Schifferstadt


15. Days End Farm Horse Rescue – Woodbine, MD

Free admission. You are able to tour the farm and facilities and meet some of the horses.


16. Home Depot and Lowe’s offer free workshops to kids on weekends.

17. Michael’s present free project demos to creative kids.

18. Check out for free cooking classes at a local grocery store.

19. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

20. Have a backyard campfire with smores and camp out at night. That would be a perfect staycation idea!

21. Plant a veggie garden together.

22. Grab a map of United States and pick out some places kids would want to visit. Draft a road trip planner with hotel, gas, food, and activities together.

23. Have kids play the restaurant and cook you a dinner. They should design their own menu, set a table, and make drinks. They should have notepad handy for ordering.

24. Have kids grab their favorite recipes and design a cookbook album. You could take pictures while they are cooking at least a couple of recipes. Kids could assemble the photos in the album and write a story.

25. Take a day drive by going on a scenic byway (from Baltimore to Cumberland) in Maryland.

26. Enjoy the Maryland view from Catoctin State Park above.

27. Baltimore Museum of Art – Baltimore, MD

Free admission.


28. Go on a scavenger hunt with a checklist then end the activity with ice cream at home.

29. Play cards.

30. Assemble and bake a homemade pizza together.

31. Set up a mini-golf in the backyard and play for prizes.

32. Have kids create their own coloring pages, exchange, and color.

33. Make a craft from Pinterest.

34. Take pictures of outdoor nature and create a scrapbook album together.

35. Set up an ice cream buffet.

36. Take a photo of anything a day for 90 or 100 summer days in 2017 and create an album.

37. Sherwood Gardens – Baltimore, MD

Free admission.


38. Have a dance-off contest!

39. Check out your local community events for 5k walk/run, bike race, fishing, pageants, city fests and fireworks.

40. Write and illustrate a book.

41. Have kids draft a couple of days’ meals, grocery list, and accompany them to the store. Give them cash, so they can figure out how much to spend on the groceries.

42. Do a Scholastic Summer Book Reading Challenge.

43. Have kids make their own movies. Even better, they should write their own short script, direct, and play. Then, post it on Facebook/YouTube.

44. Play Twister outside.

45. Make a Stop Motion Video.

46. Bake and decorate a cake with frostings, sprinkles, candies, and such.

47. Have kids come up with 1-10 numbers story in ASL (American Sign Language) and make a short video of it. 

48. Have a no expressions while signing in ASL contest.

49. Tour a factory.

50. Do a makeover on parents. Kids can fix hair and put makeup on.

I hope you will find these free activities a  lot of fun this summer! Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas. I will be sure to credit you when I add more!

Enjoy your summer with kids!

~Amy, Awe-inspiring Mom