7 Things to Do on Earth Day

  1. Shower less. Bathe your kids less. That means less work for you, yay! Of course, if they are really dirty, go ahead and have them take a quick shower! If they are too young to take shower, maybe jump in with them to save more water. You don’t need to feel guilty about this! Earth will THANK you for this.  
  2. Refrain from purchasing paper products (i.e. paper towels, napkins or anything that’s paper) today. Rather, you can just buy or make your own towels and napkins.  Can you do it?
  3. Opt to receive your billing statements electronically instead of getting them in the mail. Recently, I went to Michael’s craft store. At the checkout, there was an option to email or print receipt. Emailing receipts is such a great idea! That will save a lot of trees!
  4. Go to a nearby park and enjoy beautiful nature by biking, hiking, picnicking, or napping, which could be better!
  5. Change all your light bulbs to energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.
  6. Plant a tree or your own garden to grow your own delicious vegetables!
  7. Donate your clothes to a charity! Your closet will thank you and you will have more space to see what exactly you have, rather than diving in piles and piles of clothes!


Enjoy your special day on our only Earth!

~Amy (Awe-inspiring Mom)