My Guest Post at LoveFamilyHealth.Com – How to Keep Track of Social Media Stats in Your Bullet Journal

Hey all! I was featured to do a guest post for Megan Johnson’s blog. My guest post is about how to track your social media stats in your bullet journal.

Here is a sample of the paragraph in my guest post:

“On your tracker page, you will list your social media accounts on the top row, i.e. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin’. You can list more if you wish, depending on the page size. In the first column, you will be listing months, from January to December. In each box, under each social media account, you will list the number of followers you have at the start of each month, (and then again at the end) this way you can track your growth. You should also include monthly views, particularly on Pinterest. Though Pinterest isn’t really considered “Social Media” it’s a super valuable resource when it comes to your blog. If you have a Pinterest for Business account, you can look up all your stats via your Pinterest analytics.”

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~Amy, Awe-inspiring Mom