May 2018 Bullet Journal Month Spread

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May 2018 Bullet Journal Month Spread


I decided to use ladybugs theme for May bullet journal month spread. My daughter, Rachelle, inspired me to draw the ladybugs because she loved them. I thought it would be cool to have them crawling all over the place. The grass background is making the spread look more realistic with the ladybugs and flowers. I loved how the ladybugs crawl over the letterings and blocks. This is not a normal, minimalistic bullet journal spread. Sometimes, I get in my artistic mood and decide to draw all over the pages. This took me several hours to finish the entire spread, from drafting with a number two pencil and lining with sharpie pens to coloring. After I completed lining with the sharpie pen, I erased remaining pencil outlines.

Here is a closer look at my month spread for more details.


Here are the links that I used tools for this weekly bullet journal spread:

Zebra Midliners

Sharpie Black Pen

Sharpie Liquid Highlighters

Tombow Dual-brush marker pens


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