The Biggest Lie about Spending $200,000 on Makeup

The Biggest Lie About Spending $200,000 on Makeup

My jaws dropped when I read the most ridiculous $200,000-lifetime spending on makeup article in my Apple News. This Today article (read here) indicated that 3,000 women between ages 16 and 75 were surveyed about how much they spent on their makeup. Who are they really? I bet you the (online cosmetics company) only targeted rich women in the survey!  No wonder a lot of us, beautiful women, are in debt, because of our vanity issues!

Average women who spend more than $275 a month on makeup


Whoever wrote that article is obviously a high maintenance woman, who believed the biggest lie.   I’m pretty sure an average woman spends a LOT less on makeup in her lifetime.  Are you one of 3,000 rich and/or high-maintenance women who spend more than $275 a month or are you just an average woman, who spends up to $50 a month?  

I found another blog, which contradicts the article. (read here) That makes much more sense as about spending about $15,000 on makeup in a lifetime. I calculated $15,000 for an average woman’s lifetime, which came to $20 a month. That’s it. BINGO!

Can you live on $20 a month for makeup? Absolutely!

Many women of all ages may use less makeup than reported earlier. What’s the point for getting prettied up in front of your kids? Every single day, they will dirty you up with spaghetti sauce, vomit, poop, juice, and so on.  Kids love you no matter how you look. Winks! I only use it when I go in office at work or sometimes when I go out to meet people in general. I rarely have time to apply makeup each morning. I just have some eff-it days, so I didn’t care. However, it is still important to look at least presentable when you have a meeting or are going to an event. Budgeting around $10 a month on makeup would be the best move. I don’t think all of the beauty products would run out in one month, maybe in several months if you use them daily. I think spending $10-50 would be reason enough to put it under your personal hygiene category in your monthly budget.

As I stated above, I would personally recommend spending up to $50 a month on makeup in your budget, depending on how much you use and how often. You can still look like a gorgeous millionaire spending less than $50 on makeup!  Makeup budget may include mascara, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, makeup sponges, makeup brushes, lipstick, eyeliner, lip liner, nail polish, bronzer, nail file, and lip gloss.

Eco-friendly and/or organic makeup is the best option. It may be little costly, but you can still score a great deal on those products from Walmart, Target,, CVS or other drugstores! I will show you how to save more money on your makeup! Sign up below for my email newsletter to receive more updates on makeup deals and money savings tip freebie from me! I look forward to receiving your comments, too!

~Amy (Awe-inspiring Mom)