Top 7 Eco-Friendly Sites to Visit

Here are my favorite sites to visit to learn about the eco-friendly lifestyle and going green!

  1. Ecofriendly Houses  It is my dream to build an eco-friendly house from the ground. I plan to make that happen in several years. Stay tuned!
  2. Mother Earth News – Organic Gardening This is my favorite site to visit because it has rich information about homesteading, growing your own vegetables, and farming off the grid.
  3. Green Living Tons of information about going green!
  4. TreeHugger This is a fun site to read and subscribe!
  5. Google Earth  You should grab a chance to look at the Earth and enjoy the view!
  6. Eartheasy Another fun site to read!
  7. Ollie’s World  Great website for kids to learn about environment and science!

~Amy, Awe-inspiring Mom